Friday, May 15, 2009

Soul searching... Time for a change

I have been doing some real soul searching in the last few months and came to the conclusion that there are some changes I need to make.  It will  take some time but I want to become who God knows I am.  I'm not there yet. 
 How do I know??? I am not content. 
 There are areas in my life that I am not happy with; my weight, finances, walk with God, time management......  Wow, that seems like quite a list. I am not expecting to accomplish any of that in a short time.  There needs to be strategy and determination.
There is a scripture that comes to mind..... " He will keep in perfect peace, those whose mind is stayed on Him and trust in Him." Isaiah 26:3  I haven't had 'perfect peace' in a while and I know that part of the reason is that I am not in the Word enough and I need to prioritize and organize my schedule to fit everything around God, and not try to fit God into everything else. 

I was reading Sarah McFaul's blog and she is spending time with God every morning... going for walks and spending time with Him.  Now that I have time off work, I can begin to focus on developing my relationship with him.  

There is something that Kenneth Copeland says about not feeling like your not hearing from God.  He says to think back to the last thing God said to you  and see if you had done it.  If you hadn't then how can you go forward when you haven't done what he has asked? 

So with that said, I have the day off today and I plan to listen to some worship music, then hear some teaching from Kenneth Copeland  listen to what God has to say to me and continue on my day. 



Rhonda said...

That's a great word! I'm with you on this one.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the post Jolie. I am doing some soul searching my self, it's tough!!
Thanks for the word